Coffee with a side of suspicion.

When the assignment was giving for us to write a blog post every week, I have to admit the idea scared me. What sorts of things would I have to say that anyone else might find interesting? What if people I don't know read what I write online and then make fun of me? I guess thats the point though, not to be mocked I mean, but instead to become comfortable taking what we have gleaned from the course, the readings and each other and then presenting it to the world (each other) for the purpose of comparing how we each digested the week's material. I am not certain that I will continue to blog in the future (it still weirds me out that strangers might be able to read this!) but I know that it has been a useful tool for me this semester.

I also really enjoyed the presentations these last few weeks. The beginning of the semester was so heavy on theory that there were times when I couldn't imagine what the practical applications of "imagined communities" or how the arts can be forms of public diplomacy, or even how theater can help shape conflict resolution. I think the balance between theory and practical application was useful, and even more interesting, I loved seeing what my fellow classmates were able to make out of what we had learned together. We each took it in a separate way and I think it really helped bring the theoretical mambo jambo together.

All of that having been said, I am a little salty over the fact that I can no longer enjoy my morning coffee, oreo (or 2) and CNN/BBC/LeMonde without wondering how biased they are. Where did they get their information? Why did they chose that particular word to describe that politician? Are those photos of demonstrations exaggerated? Or are they downplaying a conflict? It's all ruined for me, thanks to this class. I might have to start adding in Al-Jazeera because I've been wondering about how I'll feel about their new stories. I'm terrible at the internet though, so I haven't been eagerly searching it out. 

All joking aside, even though I have always considered myself to be a people person, and a good communicator, I never realized how little I actually know about communications as a field. I feel like I am going to be like Sisyphus going up the hill, no matter how hard I try, I'll never be able to catch up with those damn lolcats. At least we'll always have broccoli squid.


  1. You are right! After this semester, innocent was lost forever... We used to blindly ingest everything media offers without really think what going on behind the scene. And after found out we have been cheated, we all blame it on the media. Those days are gone. Now we know better.
    After all, media is just the tool. The more important things are always who use it, and how.

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